orchard worker job description

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Application Deadline:  07/01/2009

Job Location:  Yakima,WA
Date Posted:  03/20/2009 Hours Worked Per Week:  40
Computer Skills:  N/A Shift:   Day Shift
Occupational Skills:  N/A Duration of Job:   Full Time, more than 6 months
How to apply for this position:
The employer has requested that WorkSource Oregon pre-screen all applicants for this position.  Please contact your local WorkSource Oregon office if you wish to apply for this job.

[ List of All Offices with Phone Numbers ]

Job Summary: Seasonal Work from June 1, 2009 TO October 31, 2009

* Experience in orchard/farm work is desired, but not required.
* Ability to do the job in the job description below.
* Willing to commit for the entire season
* Lift up to 60 pounds.
* Climb ladders up to 12 feet in length carrying up to 40 pounds.
* Bend and stoop for long periods of time.
* Stand on feet for long periods of time.

* Ties, wraps, and trains apple, Pear and cherry trees.
* Care for trees during growing process
* Recognize tree disease
* Thin fruit from trees
* Harvest prep. includes spreading liners & roll bins into blocks by hand.
* Pick fruit according to size, color and grade.
* Swamping of full fruit lugs into bins at harvest.
* Safely set and use ladders.
* Exercise care to prevent bruising or breaking of trees / fruit.
* Worker uses harness, bucket or bag
* Picks low hanging fruit while standing on the ground and higher branches while standing on a ladder.
* Farm clean up tasks to include picking up garbage around the orchard,
* Employer may offer, but not require, workers to work additional hours.
* Work day start/end times may vary pending on weather/crop conditions.

* Employer will furnish, w/out charge: tools, supplies & equipment required. specified work.

* Minimum guaranteed wage is $8.62 per hour.
* Prevailing industry standard is piece rate. Prevailing piece rate productivity standards result in wages that exceed $8.62 per hour.

Peice Rate: Depending on Variety
Apples: $15.00 to 20.00 per bin
Pears: $16.00 to 17.00 per bin
Cherries: $5.00 per 30 pound lug

Employer guarantees employment for at least 3/4’s of total hours/ contract period. Paid we

* Provided at no cost to workers who live outside the local commuting area.

* Will be reimbursed for reasonable costs of transportation when 50% of the contract has been completed.
* Return transportation cost will be provided when the contract has been completed.

Job Classification:  Farmworkers And Laborers For Crops
Access our statewide or regional occupation report for more information about wages,
employment outlooks, skills, training programs, related occupations, and more.
Salary:   $8.62 per Hour
Job Requirements
Experience Required:  None
Education Required:  None Minimum Age:  N/A
Gender:  N/A

Author: Kim Sharp

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