memories of graveyards

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As I continue to think about small towns and suffocation and the need for more and the inability to fully articulate what more means, I am doing some research–looking at images from some of the towns I lived in in SC. Tonight I found a motherlode: a webpage full of photos of the old Boundry Street graveyard that Binky and I used to play in. The photos are amazing; they match the images in my mind perfectly. When I looked at it from Google’s aerial view, it wasn’t in quite the area I imagined. I remember it being in the woods directly behind Miss Anderson’s house. Maybe what I am remembering is walking through those woods, across the ballfield and into the cemetery. Binky and I used to dare each other to look in the above ground graves, and we would lie to each other about what we saw.

While these images and this information won’t necessarily influence Unplanted, I wanted to document what I found tonight. I know that this graveyard will appear in one of the June stories.


Author: Kim Sharp

more later

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