agenda setting and process

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I’m finding that my process is changing. I have given up on staying up until very late at night and writing during a time I am certain there will be no distractions. While it was exciting and fulfilling to work every night, and just to know that I was carving out time for myself, it wasn’t particularly useful when it came to my sleep habits. Just as it’s often difficult to find time to begin writing, it’s also difficult to find a time to stop writing. I can carry my momentum for several hours, and my body often would give up before my mind. It’s tough to fall asleep after writing until midnight or one in the morning.

Now my weeks are filled with work days, with worry of the economy and the way it is affecting my university and my department. My evenings are filled with walks and reading and research. On Sundays I am able to set those things aside and write. Once I get going I am able to sustain momentum for most of the day. It’s very exciting. It helps, too, to set agendas for myself.

So today I’ve been doing a lot of writing by hand, moving carefully through the fifty or so pages I have, and I’m finding a lot of very real, very possible opportunities for restructuring. I’m anxious to get an outline written, which is strange, because I never work from outlines with any of my writing, no matter the genre. I’m breaking the novel into books (there will likely be three). Chapters alternate between Mattie, Joe and Amy’s pov. For this to work, though, I am going to have to locate some other novels that are structured similarly. That, I think, is what I need to focus on this week


Author: Kim Sharp

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