the three w’s

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Tomorrow is the first of eleven consecutive days off work for me. I’ve told people this and they’ve all asked the same thing: You’re going on vacation? Where are you going?

Well, nowhere. I’m staying right here. And it’s going to be wonderful.

I tried not to plan too much for this time off, and yet my calendar is getting full already. I have plans—some big, some not so big—but all of them will be quite fulfilling. I’m sure of it.

I make to-do lists for this sort of thing. Truly, all the time I am making to-do lists—in my head, on scraps of paper, in notebooks, on an app I have on my phone. I even have a folder on my desktop called ‘to do archive.’ In it are several files, all filled with to-do lists. I like to keep lists in a file I, for a reason I can’t remember, named ‘coffee.’ I love this file. It’s 19 pages long and contains lists that date back to September of last year.

Every Friday night I begin a new list. Time has become increasingly important to me over the past few months. I am meeting new people and spending more time with the people who are most dear to me. I’m really enjoying the fact that I’m letting go of being a homebody. Even so, I want to make sure I accomplish what I want to and, more importantly, what I need to. Most of all I need to save enough time for my Self. So each Friday night I add to my list the three W’s: writing, walking, woodworking. These are the things that I find most satisfying lately. These are the things I do when I am most myself, when I am my most essential me.

So as I enter this ‘stay-cation,’ I am carefully setting aside plenty of time for the three W’s. My goal is to have several completed projects by the end of these 11 days. By September 6th, I will have: put the finishing touches on three short stories; worked on Acceptance every day; blogged every day; taken long walks with Petey in at least two city parks I haven’t been to in at least a year, and at least one hike outside the city; refinished a coffee table and begin refinishing an old writing desk.

Just typing all of that gets me excited. It’s not a list of things that I find tiring or things that I dread doing. These are the things I do in isolation, when I am alone with the rhythm of my words, or of a sander smoothing wood grain, or of my feet stomping along a trail.

So where am I going on my vacation? Well, I reckon I’m going deeper into the Life of Kim.


Author: Kim Sharp

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