Unplanted began as my first short story.   I’d researched the plight of migrant farm workers for a class I was taking and, in another class, was given the opportunity to either write a short story or a research paper as my final project.  Of course I waited until the night before the project was due before I even started writing.

And when I first sat down to write Unplanted, I knew nothing of storytelling or of fiction.  What I did know what that I had stories to tell and that, in seventh grade, I’d written in my diary that I wanted to be a writer.

Each time I read Of Mice and Men, I find myself wondering: What will become of George now?  Where will he go?  What will happen to his dream of that little place?  How will his life he spent with Lenny plot his direction from now on?  I’ve found myself trying to answer these questions with Unplanted.

This novel in progress is about two migrant farm workers, Mattie and Joe, and their two children. Mattie’s transient lifestyle and her horrifying past prevent her from being able to enter the world she longs to be a part of.


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