The purpose and scope of this blog has changed several times. It began as a Livejournal blog used as a place to dump bits of randomness–thoughts, happenings, complaints about my writing (or lack of). A few years ago I shifted over to WordPress and started a space to write about my novel in progress, Unplanted. It’s a project I’ve approached and then abandoned several times. I have a strong connection to the characters, but I’m much more attached to the language than the plot. And that presents a lot of difficulties when it comes to writing, and that results in a lot of stops and starts, often more stops than starts.

So, then, why am I choosing to continue writing on a blog originally designed for such a specific project?  And why have I written about my short stories here as well?  I’ve thought a lot about this, maybe more than one should think about her blog, especially a blog that is so often abandoned (and surely will be again).

I thought about how the title should fit with the content and, really, the answer is pretty simple: This blog is about attachment and abandonment, much like the premise of Unplanted. It’s a place for me to explore the roots of a project, to pull it up from the ground, take it from a healthy, safe space and examine its whole and then move the narrative, the language, the pathos, into a different space. I’ve done that with some of my short stories and bits and beginnings of some older pieces.

But it’s also a space for self-exploration. Here is where I will write about personal, professional and creative growth. And I’ll explore my day-to-day, too; after all, day-to-day musings can affect my writing just as much as anything else.

Right now, I am so attached to my current project, Acceptance, that I do not think I will abandon it as I did other projects, but, then again, I’ve felt like that before. I certainly feel more of an obligation to this project than any other I’ve worked on. There is the attachment to my writing, yes, and the need to write and be a better writer, but there is so much more to it than that.

Happy reading,

Kim (7/31/11)


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